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The Project  

The Music Heritage project consists of digitizing, indexing, uploading and publishing the most valuable traditional Iranian music archives. These archives dispersed all over the country, presents the Iranian music heritage and above all the Radif (system of Iranian music), most desired by professionals, researchers, Iranians, Cultural & teaching  Institutes, and musicians all over the world. The specificity of this archive is its originality; music played and sung by Music Masters of over 100 years ago. We have tried to make the best quality of tracks recorded on cassettes and vinyl records, samples of which are found on this web site. It is believed that the ultimate phase of this archive would consist of 300 hours of original music.

This projects also consists of gathering and presenting information about Iranian Musicians, Persian musical instruments, System of Traditional Iranian Music (known as Radif), and tries to take a look at Iranian Folk music.


This project requires investment and expenditure on following items:

  • Digitizing and editing and indexing audio tracks

  • Collecting or buying archives and necessary copyrights

  • Gathering and organizing information about musicians

  • Consulting Musicians and Maestros of Music

  • Gathering information on musical instruments

  • Interviews with present Iranian instrument builders

  • Web design and hosting facilities


This job could not be accomplished without the help of culture-lover people all around the world. We welcome any investment, sponsorship, grants, and moral support of individuals and organizations to carry out this project. You can also contribute to this effort by presenting your archives (appearing with your own name) and any other help which you may think. For more information please contact us

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